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Friday, October 08, 2010

Two more sunsets over the implausibly named Cappuccineau are all that we have, which is probably not too bad because we are starting to feel as though we are taking part in a remake of Groundhog Day.

More cleaning, more coffee with our German friends, more offers of Swiss beer from the returning hirers opposite, more items on the list of things to do than can possibly be done in the time remaining.

For a little variety, Mr Perkins has decided that even though we thought he had breathed his last for the year, he'd construct a coolant leak to add to our list of things to fix. Just how the inanimate Mr P can create a substantial leak of his own volition no fewer than two days after his last activity, is a complete mystery and one that I'm rather afraid to solve lest he should have other ways of throwing tantrums because we are leaving him alone in the ice.

I do now know however that the disposable nappies we've been using to catch the odd oil drip in the engine bay completely disintegrate when full of an oil and antifreeze mix, and that disintegrated nappies are not at all fun to deal with. I suspect that's just one reason people don't feed their babies on oil and antifreeze.

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