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Friday, October 29, 2010

Shortest Day - Longest Night

Today has been the shortest day of the year for us.  Here we sit once again in our little corner of the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, having had breakfast at 8:30 this morning, two hours before arriving in Singapore in time to watch the sun set.  It's hard not to feel cheated somehow.  Perhaps there is a very strong argument for never heading east, but we shall have to see to that in future years, we aren't turning back now.

We both feel a little drunk of course, not the alcohol induced sort, but the sort that a glass of water must feel whilst being consumed.

A warm shower, a shave for moi a bit of a trot round the airport and we'll be nowhere near ready to start again.  

Never mind, chin up, upward and onward as they say, by lunchtime we won't even remember tonight.


Annie said...

ah, those long haul flights..nothing like them. Only the aussies know about them. erg.

Welcome home. I hope!

cara said...

You know, your commitment to posting is very impressive. By the time I get to Singapore (either way) I hardly have the motivation to supervise the wee one while plonked in one of those free leg-massage chairs... let alone take photos and write coherently.

Top blogging!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Annie!

Cara, thanks, but I have to say that coherance is something that ebbs and flows, it's tomorrow at 1:00 am as I write. Should I not be sound asleep?


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