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Thursday, October 21, 2010


The decision to have a holiday was a rather clever one on our part, because it meant we could remain snug and horizontal while "the kids" rattled around and off.

Checking the internet to determine what was happening outside from the comfort of one's bed, one was surprised to find that the temperature was nearly three degrees, and that within an hour or two it was expected to be hovering just shy of a very respectable ten, but then came the crunch. The "feels like" column on the forecast proclaimed that at it's best we'd be out in two degrees, and if we were silly enough to rise early, we might even feel as though we were venturing into negative territory.

Once we got to "eight, feels like seven" we ventured across Hyde Park, intent on spending a warm and toasty day within the confines of the Victoria and Albert Museum, or "V & A" as it is known to its mates, but we hadn't counted on having to walk past the Science Museum across the road, and predictably we turned right instead of left, and saw many wondrous things within its confines. Stevenson's Rocket vies for space with one of the Apollo capsules, the age of steam juxtaposes with the space age.

Our time, right now, they have christened the "Age of Ambivalence".

It's a serious message which we hoped would sink in, then we wandered across to the V&A and had tea and cake and didn't give it a further thought.



Annie said...

ooh...very nice.

cara said...

Ha! Very funny.

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