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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting Ready to Fly

We are getting perilously close to going for a ride on a big bird again, with less than a week until we are due to arrive on the other side of the world, back with our babies and their babies.

In the seventies, Skyhooks had a song which proclaimed that all their friends were getting married, and they were then as were ours. In the last decade it was our kids turns, and now they are having kids, and we love it. Actually our friend's kids are having kids and it's great to be able to see them in person and report that they are well, as we can after our stroll through Hyde Park to Knightsbridge with some of them yesterday. The next time we see them they too will be parents, and it is impossible for our minds to see them in high school, let alone with families of their own.

Jenna has been given strict instructions that Elliott is to remain inside until our return next week, and although Lily and Mr Four have done their best to keep us regularly updated as to their progress via video conference (although he just calls it the 'puter, and she mostly grins and regurgitates), we suspect that the first tickle will be special, for us at least.

Once again we find ourselves not excited to be going "home", but very much looking forward to the next stage in our journey if not to having to make some decisions about how to accommodate ourselves for half the year, but by then we'll be back to the business of it all.

Tomorrow we'll head to Heathrow, and if we turn left instead of right as we plan, we'll pick up a car and head out into the wilds to try to slow the clock for a few days. As much as we are looking forward to the next leg, time is passing far too quickly for comfort.


Joan Elizabeth said...

It will be nice to think of you being back on our soil again and knowing you are back enjoying the grandkids.

I am pleased to report that company was not in the google ads tonight ... makes visiting your blog much more pleasant.

Great pic by the way, even though it is gulls.

Annie said...

Love that photo!

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