Legends from our own lunchtimes

Saturday, October 30, 2010

In an instant we are back.

Everything that was familiar is slightly unfamiliar, our brains are spinning, searching for something to grasp while we steady ourselves. The toll on the Gateway Bridge has doubled. They say everything is green, but bah, that's not green, it's a sort of drab olive really. The jacarandas are in flower, surely it's too early for them. The sky is blue yet no one is sitting in the sun. We are wearing sunglasses but it's not yet seven am. Painted houses on stumps. Where are all the people? Yes, we really are back.

Everything is different, but nothing has changed. The babies are bigger, but Skype has kept them familiar.

We are in shorts and bare feet.

We are indeed disoriented.

Was the last four months a dream?

Have we really been away?

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Welcome home and what an iconic image you have chosen. I am sure you will be reoriented in no time. A big Christmas coming up in your world I expect with so many grandbabies this year.

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