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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another leap in time.

Waking in Paris after ten hours of deep sleep makes one wonder if one didn't dream the whole of last week.

Emotionally tired, but undoubtedly satisfied and decidedly happy about our lot, we decided that we should just do nought till check out time, except perhaps take a leisurely breakfast in the relaxing fluorescent lime green breakfast room, and perhaps a deep, warm bath for herself would be in order and for monsieur some deep (but not too deep) cogitation of his journey of the past few weeks and maybe while waiting for the train a special birthday story for Mr Four.

A quiet perambulation down the Boulevard Magenta, banana and chocolate crepes with coffee on the footpath made for a relaxed farewell to Paris until the spring of next year.

Even when it's quiet, there's no getting away from the rush of London though. We know we are here, but we have to wait for our minds to catch up.

We are time travelling again.

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