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Sunday, October 24, 2010


As evidence that "holiday" mode and "cruising" modes are two very different things, we stuck exactly to plan today and tonight we are in Bristol, exactly where the hotel room we booked is located, full of Chinese Banquet and good times.

Earlier, the temperature had crawled to double figures just after lunch time, but well before that the sun was out and with it came everyone in London smiling big smiles, basking in the glory of the clear light and the very blueness of the sky. The very fact that we shared their joy was a timely reminder of why it is we choose to flee back to the Antipodes after just a few days of Autumn, with all of winter to go.

Bristol is famous for a few things really, there's its maritime and engineering history of course, its reputed to be the home of world renowned (graffiti) artist Banksy, and most importantly it's the birthplace of the Ukulele supergroup, the RinkyDinks. With more than twenty tee shirt sales in Australia, and probably even more albums, the Dinks are well on their way to international stardom, and we can't describe the thrill of sharing dinner with Trev followed by a personally guided tour of the city and all the venues they have played.

As he said, as he gave me his old Fez to add to my ever growing pile of Dinks memorabilia, "it's a bit like having a tour of Liverpool with Ringo Starr," and who were we to disagree.

We disagreed with the weather boys though. At midnight the temperature was supposed to be minus one but feel like zero. Despite the hoards of scantily clad pyjama people feeling no pain on their pub crawl, we all concluded that minus one contrary to the bureau's assertion, feels very much like minus one.


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