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Friday, October 29, 2010

A New World Awaits

I'm not sure if it's too early to bid farewell to the Northern Hemisphere, after all we'll be in it for all of tomorrow as well, but with just an hour or so before we fly we are sitting in the Airport lounge getting rid of all those jangly nerve feelings that one gets before the check-in process, and having some not needed practice for the long sit home. 

We've run around the flat, done a bit of last minute fixing and cleaning, eaten them out of house and home including a sumptuous chicken and coconut concoction that Julian just sort of whipped up when we weren't watching. We even managed a stroll down to Shell's office to do the bye bye thing, and although given her schedule today I wouldn't be surprised if we were home before she is.

I've mentioned it before but despite the description, it doesn't really feel like a homeward journey, it's really just another leg in our life's travels, but a leg in which we get to spend lots of time with our little people.

It's also a leg in which we will have to face up to some change. We need to find somewhere to live by April at the latest, I need to spend a good deal of time slaving over some more canvasses and I suppose we really should face up to some fiscal issues as well or the means to continue may be discontinued!

If only I could sleep for the 24 hours of night we are about to experience, I would wake up recharged and ready for the new world!

As it is, experience tells me that the new world will have to wait till next week.



diane b said...

Welcome home!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Diane! A few more hours of torture awaits between now and then!

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