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Saturday, October 02, 2010


The forecast said it would be fine, and get finer for the rest of the week, it just forgot to tell us how grey and wet the morning might possibly be until that happened, so we hung around until the wet part had left us and made our way off through the Autumn forest for an hour or two, once again in direction Rechicourt.

It seems that Lagarde has a magnetic spell on us at the moment though, as we were barely ready for lunch when the temperature gauge decided to tell us that we were running far too hot for good measure. After cleaning all the filters (again), and checking the propellor was clear, (yes the water was a bit chilly, thank goodness I could do it through the access hatch so was only wet up to my armpits) I was fairly sure the gauge was playing up, but to be safe we returned to the safety of home, and the long suffering Michel.

Michel was as perplexed as I, and he has the advantage of being perplexed in two additional languages, but between us we decided it was probably just a fault in the gauge and we were going to be ok to start again.

That was when the battery failed.

Fortunately that was also exactly the time Nick and Diana accidentally attempted to cruise by on Saskia, delaying us over coffee just long enough to ensure that we would probably be silly to leave today.

So tonight we will have left over Laksa and fresh Chocolate cake in Lagarde, and tomorrow in the sunshine, we may just head off again.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

The story is getting more and more unbelievable with every passing day. Certainly has me hooked.

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