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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When the fog clears

With our cabin stripped of all that is useful, things such as a floor, wall linings and a bed, and the forward cabin the subject of almost the same degree of in-piecedness awaiting today's inspection by "our chaps", in the absence of any other alternative the saloon table bed seemed to be the most comfortable option.

Despite the luxury of sleeping on two mattress thicknesses it seems my system decided that I may well have had enough sleep for a week the night previous. As one eye opened in the early morn to watch the stars through the windscreen the church bell's struck five. An hour or so later the stars had faded gently behind the morning fog, unlike the bells which take the six o'clock call very seriously indeed. Just sixty minutes further into the day, as the light began to make its presence felt, the whiteness of the morning had become quite apparent to any among us who, like I, may have taken the bell's rousing call to action seriously.

The temperature at least had the decency to begin in double figures this time and so it was that another perfectly clear warm day began, as indeed did a rush of urgency to get on with things while we can. In a day or two the weather will give us a chance to see if the leaks have been fixed, although mid breakfast I could say for certain that they haven't without the benefit of precipitation. But it's a long time between meals, and while the list for "the chaps" is now complete, every screw I undid today led to an extension of what started out to be a very reasonable (read almost non-existent) workload for moi.

By smoko I'd removed so many screws that I will need to fiddle outside for at least another day, perhaps two (did I mention the glorious weather?) to complete my now significant number of tasks before the weather takes it's turn, and by then I suspect I will feel that I have done enough and we may well ship out for a few days.

Besides, perhaps Michel will have time to do some things sometime next week.


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