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Sunday, September 05, 2010

We might have left today, but the conversations didn't end until almost tomorrow, and besides, we like it here.

We'll try again tomorrow, the hardware shop in Sarrebourg is calling, so apparently is the shop that sells something called "winter pyjamas" now that the nights are starting to chill a little. One of us doesn't think he can recall anywhere in the hyperthermia treatment manual which says "wrap the victim in winter pyjamas", but the other seems to think that prevention is better than cure.

Meanwhile the flowers in the courtyard of the house beside our mooring keep trying to tell us over morning coffee that there's plenty of warm weather left during the day, and as if to reinforce that view, the lull between the holiday season and the low season is well and truly over for the hire boats as well. In summer every boat was covered in family groups of all ages, we had once spoken to a Belgian group with thirteen aboard across four generations, but that was admittedly at the extreme end of the scale. Now they are all party boats, full of young adults and blokey groups and macho men wearing sailors hats. Perhaps the loudest was the group that passed with speakers the size of a large refrigerator, and more beer than could fit in said refrigerator, with a generator lashed to the back to power it all.

I've been watching with interest as each group passes, wondering what provision they have made for the pending climate change, and to day I can assure all who will be assured, that I haven't seen a single pair of winter pyjamas among them.

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