Legends from our own lunchtimes

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It must have been no fun at all really, hanging around in the tube in the days of steam, and I suppose it's not all that much fun now really, but at least it's not fun without cinders and smoke and steam and it after all is a quite convenient means of getting back to point A after walking all day to point B.

At some point in each visit, we get to the "this will be the last time we….." (until this time of course) and today was the last use of the Underground until our return to this Island for a week or three, so it seemed fitting to take a snap to remind us of all the commuting joy we've had this week returning each afternoon, leg weary from all those point B's after walking far further than we would normally travel by boat in any given day.

We have missed our boat, it must be said and will be pleased to get back to the repairs and a small adventure or two in the few weeks that remain until we return to London and then our other life.

But for now, the alarm is set for 3:50am, the cab is booked and by six we'll be in the tunnel, and twenty minutes later we will be back in France.

Time travelling once more.

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