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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I've just discovered a lot of odd grammar has been creeping in of late and it's too late to be embarrassed, they are there. Auto-correct has auto-reinstated itself along with the typical weather experienced this summer, so once again we woke to the sound of raindrops and they would have kept falling on our heads too if we'd been sleeping in the forward cabin, which of course selflessly we reserve for our guests.

That all added up to a day to do the "wet weather" jobs, like doing a bit more tidying up in the bilges and painting all the floor hatch framing, and remounting the water pressure pump to cut the noise down a bit, and I thought I'd like record it all with a photo of all that grease-free space and all that grey paint (as if anyone would care) although in the process it's also too late to be embarrassed that my shoes seem to have auto reinstated auto-stow under the bed, and the person who cares about that has already addressed that situation!

By mid afternoon, the time we normally look at boats putting past and wonder who in their right mind would not be sitting somewhere quietly sipping on a nice cold glass of water, we had wandered round the sights of Niderviller including the pottery which has been in operation since 1723, and were ourselves ready to move.  So we did.

Not for the first time this summer we found ourselves closing on the big lock at Rechicourt on a cold, bleak and generally hideously wet evening. We didn't get there of course, we never do, and in true wandering Hobbit fashion we once again sought the comfort of a friendly forest, just a few kilometres from our nemesis.

Tomorrow, we will once again steel ourselves and continue our private battle with the dreaded " Rechicourt" and then almost in a blink we will be home in Lagarde, packing for a grand adventure.

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