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Friday, September 03, 2010

Postcard from Lutzelbourg

What a difference a day makes, or in this case a few weeks. When last we arrived in Lutzelbourg, visibility was not much, rain was continuous, storms lashed us all night and we ducked out into the drizzle for a walk to the ruins of the chateau which loomed like a grey spectre over the town. To top it off it was peak holiday month and finding a mooring in town was no simple matter. We actually belted extra stakes into the footpath to hold us during the gales that night. But we loved the place even so.

Today we arrived on the third of Autumn, shiny bits on the boat shining under postcard perfect clear skies, perfect temperature and the trees turning ever so early (well they don't have anything to clean I suppose), with the harbour completely deserted. The postcard perfect Ruby and Jean-Luc at the postcard perfect Patisserie/Tea Salon made us a postcard perfect cake each, and we went on a postcard perfect cycle up the postcard perfect abandoned flight of locks through the postcard perfect mountain forests tumbling almost vertically down to the postcard perfect waterway.

Tomorrow, I shall be specially alert, and if, while I am lying in bed in the latter part of the early hours of the morn, I hear someone shout "Cue the sun!" my suspicions will be confirmed.

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