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Monday, June 13, 2011

The end of the tunnel

After a long and arduous day in which we managed to cover an extraordinary twenty or so kilometres, we found ourselves moored in the shadow of a mountain, right where the shadow of another mountain would be if the sun were coming from a different direction. Dead ahead lay a big black hole, beyond which, if legend (or the map) were to believed lay another matching black hole some five kilometres away connected by a tube of equal blackness through which we will have to travel.

If we have packed sufficiently well for our voyage, tomorrow just after breakfast we will move through the void and arrive on the other side. There will be no report of the journey as I am fairly certain that the description of travelling through a five kilometre tube of stone and steel would test even the most enduring friendship. It would be something akin to watching a video of one's Mother's endoscopy I suspect.

Speaking of which, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, communication and in no small part to the resilience of herself, the Matriarch is to return home tomorrow, to continue her own journey in a different kind of tunnel.

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Julie said...

Don't understand the text, but the image strikes to the heart.

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