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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

News from home

Today was the day.

Today we would cast off our mooring lines and began once again our directionless wandering. That was the plan in any case, but as it turned out when we looked out at the harbour, we were a bit tired even after rising late and having a couple of nice cups of coffee and it really didn't feel like the it was the day we would leave after all.

Today was the day we decided that tomorrow looked entirely more suitable.

Having made that decision it seemed only natural that we should do absolutely nothing all day. We hadn't done that in a while after all. Our Tony had intended as had we, to depart this day and after a quick conference he agreed that our idea was splendid, so together we walked to the marina office to pay for the extra day's rent.

Then, the phone rang.

On the other side of the world, my Mother, the bulletproof matriarch of the clan, three weeks shy of her eighty-fifth birthday, had suffered a stroke.


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