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Thursday, June 02, 2011


On edge, waiting for news from home, we decided to depart, after all we will only ever be a few hours from a car hire business or railway line should the worst outcome occur.

With Our Tony in the lead we pottered slowly east, stopping at the monster hardware store on the way intending to "get a few bits" to keep a couple of projects going over the coming weeks. We would travel together on the Moselle, for the next two days, then go of in our separate directions.

We had a plan, we were moving, and we felt the sort of freedom that people wax lyrical about when they have cast off the shackles of their daily lives and can go anywhere they want.

In a week or so we would be in Reims, tonight we were once again snugged in the tiny inlet that serves as a harbour in the unfortunately named (for people who read all signs in English) Liverdun.


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