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Friday, June 10, 2011

The week that was

Anyone who has been taking notes will have noted that there has been a dearth of posting to this blog of late. Each day this week seemed to pan out identically, it was Groundhog Day in France played with a Dutch accent.

"It's time to stop work now and have a drink/coffee/lunch/cinnamon biscuit" became a constant cry. Between daily visits to the hardware outfit, making sure Our Tony (who by mid week had decided to stay on for "just a few more nights") didn't waste away, and the constant interruption of the harbour guys who were plying me with proper tools and whatever work we could fit in between, we had had a gloriously productive, social, tiring and deadly boring to write about time.

Despite the distractions the after berth was now complete with it's new lining, timber trims, bookshelf and curtains and storage beneath the bed. We also have a tachometer installed, trims around the washing machine, more flooring in the bilge and the battery boxes have lids.  There is more to do of course, but it's all packed away now ready for when we next have a rush of blood to the head.

The Dutch fleet have gone in search of a source of replenishment of their cinnamon biscuits, we had a Birthday/farewell soire last night for Our Tony, and watched almost tearfully as he departed, and with aching bones and great satisfaction we now recommence normal programming.


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