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Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving on.

We had decided on Saturday evening in the middle of dinner that we would move on Monday no matter what. Even after Malcolm and Janet decided that we should join they and the crew of Fidelite for lunch on Anthonia on Monday and we really wouldn't have time as lunch does tend to consume much of the day, as a committee we decided that a move may well be of a hundred metres or so is still a move.   To stick with our plan we would commute to lunch by boat.

But the day loomed wild and windy and damp again, and when the time came it just seemed so much easier not to move at all, so we remained tied firmly to our pontoon, donned our raincoats and walked to lunch. Xavier and Marie-therese had half the distance to commute, choosing also to walk, but with no propellor and propulsion for their barge provided temporarily by a monster outboard strapped to its rudder and no reverse gear to provide braking of any kind, none of us needed the excitement of them attempting to arrive by boat in any case.

Xavier did explain that his manoeuvring problems are somewhat exacerbated around we tourists by the fact the he only knows four words in English: "Hello", and "I love you", neither of which seem particularly conducive to having a stranger rush to his aid, but none the less, those four words, the former at the beginning of the day and the latter used more and more frequently as the afternoon did anything but "wear" on, stood him in good stead throughout the day.

Wild weather isn't conducive to moving in campercars either apparently, and we thought it only fair as we tiptoed quietly past Warwick and Julie's truck on our way home late in the afternoon, that we should spend five or six hours letting them know that tomorrow, we will definitely move on.




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