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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Changeover day they call it in the charter industry.

It's the day when last week's guests check-out, and there's a frantic rush to clean and re-provision before next week's lot arrive, but the water was turned off in the port so we couldn't wash and there really didn't seem to be any point at all in getting frantic or for that matter in rushing either.

Instead, we wandered round Bar for a while, idly taking photographs of the preparations for the coming weekend's Renaissance Festival, trying terribly hard not to be taunted by the streets filled with decorations which looked for all the world like washing strung on clothes lines.

Alas the more we walked, the more obvious the taunts appeared to be, until all one of us could think of was what needed doing in the time remaining until Shell's arrival, and we were both forced therefore, to turn around and get something done in the way of cleaning, polishing and generally moving things from where they were to somewhere else and back again.

Tomorrow there will be water and we will wash, perhaps then it will be our socks hanging above the streets.

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Gerry said...

Love the colour mixed wall Midge.

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