Legends from our own lunchtimes

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Note to file:

When one is terribly comfortable under a cool shady tree and the forecast for tomorrow is "too hot to do anything", one should listen to the forecast. In the event that one absolutely must move on for any reason whatsoever, one can be assured that there will be delays at locks, breakages, barges and the sun will beat down relentlessly, then when one has almost had enough, the temperature will soar further and more locks will break down stretching a three hour journey to six or even eight.

Then, once everyone cries "enough" and the only shade one can find is being cast by high tension power lines, (but one is quite slender and it's better than nothing), if there are Canadians around it is likely that the heat will have begun to melt their brains and they will introduce a brain teasing game that probably no one in the world has ever solved, which will combine with the buzz of the not too distant transformers to leave everyone sleepless until the storm arrives.


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