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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The pointy end

It doesn't matter how organised one tries to be, living and making things contemporaneously in a space that is smaller than a single car garage does induce some degree of disruption, but we are at the pointy end of our journey and it is fair to say that after our week of work, there was some serious putting away of stuff to be undertaken before we could resume our travels.

A days worth of putting away to be precise, which was exactly the amount of time we had until the train arrived carrying Sue and Silvia, less a bit for a small cycle to the Supermarket for a touch of providoring, and three or four minutes to walk to the station in the evening.

Being back in a "living" space as opposed to a "working" one, felt pretty darned good.

All other projects except perhaps for a bit of spit and polish, are on hold until further notice!


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