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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tomorrow we will begin to ascend the seventy locks we have come down since negotiating the Mavauges tunnel, taking care all the way to ensure that we have no broken wives to contend with, although now that Graham and Iris are with us even that shouldn't be a problem as we have a spare on board.

Today however, was Sunday and as has been our habit starting Sunday last, in the not unexpected complete absence of any activity whatsoever in the town, we made our way to the Scottish hamburger shop for a dose of what the locals call weefee, a magic invisible material which is found in some cafes and other public spaces and connects computers to the internet. This in turn enabled a few Skype calls to our nearest and dearest, including the Mother midway through her first solo day since leaving hospital.

Almost more intriguing was that it enabled us to view ourselves on television in Germany for the first time. Julian's translation (thanks to Mr Google) indicates that it seems to say something like, "Well aren't they having a good time," which of course is exactly what we are having.

Thankfully there didn't appear to be any in depth analysis of how successfully we'd integrated our habits with those of the local populace, so we didn't have to feel perturbed about taking our late afternoon stroll quite a good deal of time before lunch, and substituting it (on the advice of our elders of course) for a late afternoon snooze on the grass in the cool of a shady tree. Perhaps four minutes and twenty-one seconds of us on television wasn't enough to tell the whole story after all.

For the vaguely curious or simply entirely deranged, the television clip in question may be viewed here for a short time.



cara said...

Brilliant! Looks like you're having an uber-gut time, ya? Great to put moving pictures to this blog.

Are you able to save it? I should be able to clip it out and email you an mp4 of it from work if you like.

Tulla said...

And now your are famous hausbootbesitzers - congratulations great to watch!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Watched the movie. It was great to see the boat in action and Jo doing so well with her French.

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