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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tricks for younger players

Vitry is a crossroads in the canal system and the rail network, and the highways in France. It's actually suffered a bit as a result of this, having been entirely obliterated on more than one occasion in the heat of battle. In a canal system it is difficult to find someone who is not either coming from the direction one has just been, or heading towards it, there are no other choices. But here, with four points of entry and exit, we all seem to be coming from somewhere else and going in the opposite direction.

We are with an eclectic bunch most of whom speak English, but those who can't, have dogs who seem to get the gist of most conversations. All of them seem to be in a rush to dispel the myths previously published about the town and the harbour by staying a few days more.

Indeed, the town is quiet, clean and tidy, it could even be described as attractive in our book. The harbour is actually quite secluded, private and quite peaceful when the shipyard isn't at work or the school is in recess, which unsurprisingly is the case for both on the weekend.

But for the next week we have our own on board entertainment system and are happy to share them with anyone who doesn't like the quiet.

We now have Graham and Iris, in the midst of their final European Fling after almost six years. They are old enough and wise enough to sleep in cool of the afternoon so they can keep us all up at night.

"A trick for young players" they say.


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