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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Going Slow

"Almost ten hours" replied the Dutchman to my question of how far he'd come today, "Ten hours, twenty-eight locks and forty-four kilometres".

I didn't know that was even possible. Actually I'm certain it isn't without a good deal of good fortune and a tiny bit of exceeding the speed limit, but it prompted me to calculate our own effort for the day: A lot under two hours, four locks, a lifting bridge and four kilometres - much more sensible I would have thought, and being snugged up in time for lunch has its merits as well, as indeed does having the ability to cycle back in the event of having left some precious object behind, and perhaps having a bit of day left for a neat little snooze should all the parties of the past week start to catch up.

Despite our bravado and denials, we have actually made a few plans for summer, most of them revolving around being in certain places to meet certain people and to deliver said certain people to other certain places en route.

We thought it would be smart to go hell for leather on our outbound journey, and have a much more relaxed time of it coming back, and to keep that plan in place there is this relentless drive to keep moving. Having had my curiosity well and truly piqued by the man with his head full of statistics, I thought I would calculate our own progress in the past month.

Four kilometres per day give or take.  So today was an exactly average day it appears.

It will be good to slow down.


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