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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All is calm... now!

Ahh yes, the cleaning.

Up bright and mid morning I was, ready to get into it.

I donned my working clothes, got out my bucket of tricks, and without hesitation strode boldly through our after door, only to have what little hair there was blown off my head in the gale that was dropping the outside temperature to a level far below civilised.

Fortunately it was coffee time about then, so I returned to the comfort within, and set about making morning coffee stretch till lunchtime, by which point the book I was reading was getting pretty interesting, and well, before I knew it there was no point in going outside for just a bit, because the sun was pretty much ready to do it's magic thing with the buildings opposite, and anyway we are here for a week aren't we?

Cleaning is over rated anyway.  I'll bet they haven't been cleaned in a hundred years and if one looks that them in certain light conditions, they look OK.

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