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Monday, July 30, 2012


While the tranquility of our overnight spot was seductive to say the least, I do feel compelled to shatter a few illusions about the reason for us being there.  

Alas it was not because of the natural beauty overlooking the cornfields,  nor because of the entertainment provided by the parade of morning dogwalkers, or even the mist rising slowly above the mirrored surface of the almost crystal clear water on which we rested in complete silence.   


Just beyond the shrub hedge at the edge of the cornfields, a hundred metres or so down the path, almost hidden from view is a supermarket. and when one finds a supermarket within what some would call "spitting distance" of one's boat, one stops and purchases the heaviest of life's necessities, and having done so moves on around the corner after lunch to one's preferred mooring place.

Today's log reads a total distance travelled of eight hundred and ninety metres and we have passed through the shipyards which seemed to positively glow in the sunshine, or perhaps it was the excitement of our passing, and we are sitting happily on the Soane on the town Quay catching up with Uli's news of the past four years and trying to recall when last the sun radiated such joy upon a stretch of river in our presence.

Everything seems so bright and clean and well to put it bluntly… happy.

Summer has been worth waiting for!

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Well I wish winter would go away. It's freezing here.

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