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Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Apprentice
Venaray-les-Laumes to Pouillenay

Neale and Trace leave tomorrow so there didn't seem to be any point wearing out the regular crew when a freshly trained deckhand was at our disposal for the beginning of our climb to the summit of the Burgundy Canal.   

We have but fifty-five locks and  half as many kilometres to go until we reach the highest point  and today is probably technically the beginning of the steep bit with eight locks in two kilometres.

Our apprentice seemed to be carrying the bargee-cowboy gene, as after a short period of instruction he was lassoing bollards and securing the boat in the locks with almost as much efficiency as the Captain herself, which is no small praise, and this time we do have the photo to prove it.   

With so much able assistance, we were able to complete our four kilometre journey in as many hours, stopping of course for lunch, arriving in plenty of time for an amble through the village, all the while not wishing we were anywhere else in the world.

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