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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finding the temperate zone

Today, as was yesterday and one or two other days in the week for good measure, was market day downtown, and we were once again happy to spend the morning wandering under cover in the among the melons and the leeks and the mushrooms, stopping occasionally to sniff the cheese  of course.

We like Dijon, we really do, but when the mural on the side of the flat market building starts to pop off the wall and look for all the world like actual structure, and all we seem to have done for the last few dasy with varying degrees of success, is seek out shady places in which to sit, in the absence of a better reason to stay than we haven't seen everything yet, we made an appointment with our friendly lock keeper, to depart tomorrow morning.     

"Haven't seen everything yet.." is admittedly not one of our objectives, but there are several galleries and museums that are quite noteworthy yet in the current climate we simply couldn't summon the energy or enthusiasm to visit.

Our decision having been made and set in the lock keepers diary which we are reliably informed is of a substance of much greater compressive strength than stone, we once again began the now familiar rounds of bidding those in the harbour a fond farewell, and we are sure it contributed to the early onset of a not unexpected change in the weather.   

With thunderstorms building and sunshine in retreat, a visit to the archeology museum seemed like a particularly logical way of spending our last afternoon here for a time and at least that would be one thing we could say we saw, should anyone ask.

Note to file:  when next in Dijon in a heatwave, the museums are in really really old  buildings with really really thick walls and really really deep basements, and contain relics that are thousands of years old and for reasons of conservation of those priceless artifacts, the interiors are climate controlled.  

That's a fancy way of saying air conditioned.


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