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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We might have been in before lunch, but for a couple of slight delays which meant that we wouldn't reach the last lock of the day until five minutes to, which doesn't give enough time for a self respecting lock keeper to unwrap his sandwiches, so once again we waited happily in the shade of the lock and eventually arrived at half-past lunchtime.

Apart from our fleeting visit last month, our previous visits to Dijon had been in cooler weather, MUCH cooler weather.   Our memories are filled with overcoats and scarves and the smell of roasting chestnuts in the streets among swirling autumn leaves, nothing like the bikinis and ice-cream vendors and tropical sunshine that we found this time.

Our mooring, is exactly where we had visited last month, beside the children's playground, and that mysterious shallow circle of concrete which in previous times we'd seen teenagers use as a cycle track and slightly less youthful (perhaps less useful) people use as a bottle smashing venue.  Admittedly haven't wasted too much time trying to determine it's purpose, we generally thought of it as a good plan not so well executed.

But today all was revealed.

It was full of little bodies (with  few larger ones supervising) - a purpose built area for water play, and one which is very popular indeed at the temperatures close in on the thirties and beyond.

Summer in Dijon is the sound of children laughing and playing.

We think we like being here in summer.


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