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Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the go
Pont d'Ouche to La Bussière-sur-Ouche

When a girl who once, having missed her cruise ship departure in Greece, hitched a ride on a derelic ship through the Suez to the breakers in Thailand, says she is going to paint while underway, there is little point in doubting her.

Team Sweden had wisely concluded that if they were to wait until their boat  was ready, they may not get underway at all this summer, so with the lack of dauntedness that they seem to display in all things, they simply untied and went on their merry way having decided that it was no harder to do the work when underway than it was tied to a dock.   

We left in the morning and they promised they'd follow, but they had some ends of the loose variety to tie up, so reckoned on getting away after lunch. 

Lunch of course was about the time we'd found a shady little in the bush which seemed to be begging us to stay the night, so we did, having travelled a comfortable eight kilometres further towards Dijon.  Enough journeying for one day we thought as we set about exploring the villages along the edge of the waterway by velocipede.

We had cycled a further eight kilometres down the tow path in the afternoon when we came to a lock which seemed to be attracting a crowd.   

On investigation the Swiss couple who rent the house have established a delightful spot to rest and fortify those en route to nowhere in particular, and as that pretty much described us in the course of the afternoon, we would have felt disrespectful had we not had at least a coffee and some bread and butter pudding and a long wait in the shade to fortify ourselves for the journey back.   

On our return journey, a plan for the next few days had begun to crystallise.

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Julie said...

your description is but one of the delights of this post.

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