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Friday, July 06, 2012

On reflection.

Yesterday our climb ended.  We are at the highest part of the waterway in Burgundy, sitting quietly opposite the Dijon Cereals silos in a spot where, if there had been any exertion involved in getting to here, we could wait to catch our breath.

It's been six weeks more or less since we left Paris, and in that time we have travelled a few hundred kilometres along the waterways and almost four hundred metres in direction up.

That's almost twice as many kilometres, although half the distance climbed as the tour de France boys will do tomorrow.

To try to find some comparison closer to home though, it's as though we've just spent six weeks travelling from Surfer's Paradise to Maleny.

On reflection, perhaps we have been travelling too quickly after all.  Perhaps we do need to sit for a while.

Pouilly seems nice, the port is quiet, the view quite pleasant.

Perhaps we'll stay here for a few more days.


Annie said...

picture perfect.
that light is amazing.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Well we've just finished 4,000 kms in 4 weeks, including passing by Dickie World ... no point in call in there though.

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