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Monday, July 02, 2012

Another marathon
Pouillenay to Marigny-Le-Cahouët

There are places on the canal system to be avoided if one doesn't like travelling through locks.  It is fortunate for us that we are not of that disposition as we are now in  exactly in one of those spots. Perhaps the most common comment we have heard from others who have travelled this route, is that it's quite beautiful but they felt rushed as the young lock-keepers raced from lock to lock until they were through.

We were determined not to feel that way, and told our itinerant lock keepers from the start that we'd be stopping for two nights please, and yes we thought that four kilometres should be enough distance for one day once again thanks very much.  There is no sense in straining ourselves after all.

We actually quite enjoy our time travelling vertically, but we happened, through the miracle of the internet, to know that Sunny and Al would rendezvous with us near the little village of Marigny, so having watched Neale and Trace whisked away by taxi at ten minutes to lock opening time, we steadied ourselves for another exhausting day and our next round of social engagements.

Sigh, another great day, another pretty village in Burgundy.

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