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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cows (and thinking of Al)

For the better part of the last twelve months we've been contemplating swapping our bikes for ones of the folding variety.   The biggest reason for not doing so to date has been the effort that we'd have to go through to rid ourselves of our existing stable.

We'd already discussed the fact that in Dijon it wouldn't be too hard, we'd just have to leave them unattended for a time, but in that event it was unlikely that we'd find a few hundred Euro taped to a post with a thank-you note, so that option didn't really appeal.   In a strange twist of fate, or perhaps it was simply heat stroke after yet another day of thirty-eight degrees in the shade and forty-five by morning tea time aboard our boats, Phil and Kathy confided quite out of the blue that they were looking for some bikes just like ours.

In an instant a deal had been done, and in an instant more we began to suffer seller's remorse as we walked up town in heat that was still stifling in most languages, through the shade of every park we could find.

We did linger for some time though in the in the leafy and therefore almost delightfully temperate grounds of the natural science museum to take in a fine exhibition of Cow Portraits hanging therein.  

Perhaps we thought, we are not the only ones the heat is getting to.


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