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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cold and Wet but far from Miserable

Today is the day before the fourteenth of July, France's national holiday.   In a flash of brilliance someone in power has decided that it would be a good idea to have a fireworks display tonight, presumably so that no one has to interrupt their day off tomorrow by going out, but in fact the weather is not exactly fireworks friendly, and by scheduling them a day early if they have to be delayed then they will be exactly on time.  I'm sure that's how it goes.

Despite what we would like to believe, ports are built not for the harbouring of boats, but specifically as places where fireworks can be exploded harmlessly in front of vast crowds of people, so our little fleet now finds itself tucked around the corner in the canal joining a couple of derelict working barges, one or two unoccupied vessels and three more new arrivals unaware that the harbour was to be closed, as indeed will all navigation be for the duration of the holiday. 

On cue, the rain has begun to fall by the bucketload, the temperature has plummeted and the wind is starting to become quite uncivilised, but we are all huddled together so no doubt should the fireworks not  happen, at least we will be warm.


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