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Sunday, July 22, 2012


There was clearly some magic stardust floating around last night, and it's effects were still on all of us as we slowly emerged from slumber, none of us sure whether we actually wanted to eat another thing ever again, or for that matter not sure if we were even ready to start a new day, all trying the keep the memory of last night alive for as long as possible.

It was captain Jojo who cracked in the end, cracked eggs and beat the contents into submission to fortify us for our day's journeying, not that any of us felt as though we needed sustenance of any description beyond perhaps a coffee.  

We have been travelling for a week since the time we called Pouilly-en-Auxois home, but we are in Jacques' old stomping grounds and in less than twenty minutes in the car we were back, ten minutes later we'd turned back on ourselves and we once again found ourselves in Chateauneuf.   We had taken about half the time to drive in this roundabout way from the boat to Chateauneuf than it took us to walk there last week when the boat was moored at the bottom of the hill! 

It seems that we have actually found a recipe for making time travel slowly, and if it isn't actually time that is travelling slowly, there can be no argument that we are.

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