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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Back among the leaves
Chateau-Porcien to Variscourt

While there really wasn’t too much wrong with our mooring last night, if you don’t count the slight buzz of the exhaust fan from the silos, or the occasional plume of whatever the grain dust it was that billowed from the system from time to time, it is true to describe the one Dave and Ria found for us tonight as “better”.

We took our time getting here of course, stopped to find some bread and for a wander through the Baroque Cathedral in Asfeld but still managed to cover the twelve kilometres between us and them in the heat of the afternoon and in time to take advantage of the deep shade.

It was not going to be an early night.   It had after all, been a night and the better part of two days since we had seen each other, and the twenty kilometres or so that we had travelled in that time left a myriad of adventures to discuss.

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