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Sunday, August 24, 2014

On any Sunday

There is no point having friends with boats in Paris if you can’t convince one of them to take you for a cruise.

With prospects of rain for the rest of the week it didn’t take too much to convince Dave and Ria that it would be in their best interests to bring their departure day forward to take advantage of the bright sunny day.   Once they were in that frame of mind it didn’t take much more to convince them that Max would be so much more stable on the river if another say, half a dozen people joined them for the first part of their journey.

That would be the part of their journey that takes them beneath Paris’ famous bridges, by all the landmark buildings that each week millions of people travel across the world to see.  

We are all hardened veterans at this sort of thing, not easily impressed, but even the twelve or so kilometre walk back to the Metro station didn't dent the smiles on our faces this day.


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