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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Postcard from Reims
Reims to Sillery

Dave’s attempt to emulate the illuminations of the cathedral this evening armed with only a single flashing white light were in all truth a poor second to the actual show just ten kilometres to our north.

Despite all the stories to the contrary Reims was not a terribly bad spot to be moored.  On the other hand it wasn’t a terribly great place either, and we didn’t have to dig too deeply into the complex reasoning parts of our brains to decide that Sillery may well be a little quieter place to spend the evening.

We had time though to be tourists for a bit to try to get to know the place a bit better.  The six of us having decided on our way home from the lights last night to be out and about first thing, bustled around with intent and actually managed to arrive at the tourist office by eleven, just in time to take the last seats on the last bus tour of the city for the day.  We were all inspired by this taster to spend more time in Reims, but to a man decided that it wouldn’t be today.   

We were chasing tranquility we decided, although we also decided unanimously that that could wait till after lunch.

By late afternoon we were in another town, a quieter one initially, but as our little party for Colin’s impending birthday got into gear we feared that others may have wished for the relative calm of Reims and a light show that was brighter than even Colin's birthday candles.  


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