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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bienvenue sur le spectacle de la douleur

Never make a joke in someone else’s language.  

Should you choose to ignore this advice, make sure that your large and looming figure cannot be construed to be blocking the doorway to your shop in a threatening, dare I say dominating manner. 

It is just possible that the customers of this bakery do not understand the words “welcome” “to” “the” and “show” in English, but thankfully it is probable that they do understand that the word “pain” in fact is French for “bread”.

The good Captain, well on the way to recovery from her little slip of a few weeks ago has probably, not to put too fine a point on it, overdone things in the last day or two, and was walking slowly if not quite gingerly by the time we met John and Elaine at the station this afternoon.   The other of us, having likewise travelled a kilometre or ten too far today was feeling his knees a little more than he’d prefer.

John and Elaine, fit and ready for yet another feat of overland walking endurance, were not so constrained.  Or weren't until John, deciding to test that particular theory in physics which asserts that flying is the act of throwing oneself at the ground and missing…. failed to miss.   Propelled by his backpack and shouldered duffel bag, it was only the skin of his knuckles which turned a major faceplant into a lesser one.  He survived spectacularly with minor injuries that have left him looking not dissimilar to a half completed mummy, but will live to buy bread another day.

Welcome to the pain show.

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