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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Canola
Vitry-le-François to Revigny-sur-Ornain

Vitry-le-François is a place that breeds pleasant memories for us, fond ones even, so it was with a little reluctance we sailed out quite early this morning no doubt impressing John and Elaine with the early rising and punctuality that have made us legends on the French waterways.

If we had been travelling in company with Al and Sunny today as we were on the last occasion we sailed this route, (Is it really only three years?) it would have taken three days to get to where we are tonight, probably four and we would have been doing everything in our power to slow them down further, to make sure they took time to smell the canola, or the daffodils or whatever the heck those yellow flowers were.  

But we aren’t, and without Al to share his vast knowledge, we blundered on in ignorance through fields of corn and sunflowers, past gardens with yellow things growing that might be dandelions for all we know.  But we don’t because in averaging almost four kilometres per hour today, and travelling without ceasing, except perhaps for a time that may well have coincided with lunch o'clock, we didn’t have time to smell ‘em.   

Rest assured this is a temporary state of being.  It’s a one day wonder.  

To save unnecessary wear and tear on our guests, normal transmission will resume tomorrow. 


sandyk said...

Popping in a quick hello to you both . Loving your photos , your entires , your insight , your wit ... Well I'll stop there. I read every entry but don't often leave tracks to let you know I've been by. Referencing 2 incredible friends of Sunny and Al made this post the best place to send regards .

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Sandy, it's wonderful to hear from you. This route does bring certain special memories for us!

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