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Monday, August 18, 2014


Cold and rain are not words that we normally relate to sightseeing, and while in truth we didn’t really have any sights that needed seeing, rather than step outside the bounds of normality we declared today a day of housekeeping.

That’s all very well, except that “housekeeping” involves shopping, and refuelling and given that the shops are more than a kilometre away and the fuel even further but in the opposite direction, it also involves walking a very long way in the rain, and worse, walking a very long way home again laden with either food, drink or fuel.  Three trips to three supermarkets and a bakery take approximately six kilometres.

In the case of diesel, it’s seven trips with a twenty litre drum and fourteen kilometres travelled.

But the afternoon was perfect for lying around and reading.

And still they ask when we return to the Antipodes, how we retain our svelte forms despite the time we spend lying around and the volume of cheese and pastries we no doubt consume.  

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