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Friday, August 15, 2014

Having a think.
Châlons-en-Champagne to La Chaussèe-sur-Marne

Technically today was a public holiday.

Given our particular kind of vagrancy, we are denied any benefit from public holidays anywhere in the world.  We have to just plug on stoically going about our business as though the day is just same as any other.  

Today wasn’t the same of course.  The thought was there, niggling away in the back of our heads, that given the already substantially vacant state of the town centre, on an overcast and possibly cold and damp public holiday there may not be a single living thing to observe in the town all day.

We therefore took the only sensible option, falling so easily back into our routine and moving on quite early into the grey of the morning. 

We are currently travelling on what is no longer, but was only a few years ago a busy commercial channel.  Bits of infrastructure bobbing out from the forest from time to time, much of it retired and spending it’s time sitting by the canal and staring into space wondering about public holidays no doubt.  As we glide past we wonder about its future.   

Will it fall to rack and ruin, prey to looters and squatters and vandals, blotting the landscape and eventually being overcome by rust and neglect.  Or will some benefactor appear as if from space and find a new life for the factories and silos, as we did for our boat and Mr Perkins himself.  

We were allowed to wonder, it was after just all another happy day in the office for us.


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