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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Did this happen?
Bar-le-Duc to Paris

We do remember walking to the station in Bar-le-Duc with John and Elaine of course, but just when the decision was made that we would accompany them as far as Paris is unclear.   

We therefore may never be certain of exactly how it came to be that this evening we found ourselves on the banks of the Seine, sitting in what would have been the shadow of the Cathedral of Notre Dame were it not for the clouds that insisted on getting in the way.

Yet there we were on the river bank among the near naked Parisian sun worshipers, surrounded by an eclectic collection of our friends, eating watermelon, and sipping on champagne (or something lesser for those among us with more prosaic tastes in beverages) as a prelude to dinner.  Dinner progressed as did we all from boat to boat until finally long after the glint had disappeared from the July Column at the Bastille, the last of Dave and Ria's "George Klooney" coffee had been dispensed and we made a home for ourselves in Grahame and Aileen’s aft cabin.   

We are not sure yet whether the timing of Ron and Robin’s upholstery repairs was co-incidental, but we have noted the efficacy of this ploy in turning away potential overnight guests for future reference.

Every now and then, for reasons that are not clear to us the reality that is our life, seems more like fantasy.


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