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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bluey and Davo say Goodbye!
Sillery to Condé-sur-Marne

Today was to be our last day in company with Ria and Dave, and the sky turned appropriately grey to honour the occasion.

That was all very romantic of course, until it decided shed a tear, and then the first lock of the day went out in sympathy leaving us waiting in the cold and the rain to think of the forecast that heralded wind and wonder if we shouldn’t leave our parting for one more day.

There’s a “stupid” switch in our brains located just beside the one that makes us move on from time to time, and someone must have bumped it, because we didn’t turn back, we soldiered on, if that is even possible by boat.   Perhaps we “navied” on” with the invisible umbilical cord that has kept us tied for several weeks stretching in the pounds and contracting, bringing us back together in each lock where conversations could resume, until we arrived at the tunnel where we would be forced to travel one boat at a time, finally forcing our separation.

There, we watched as Max took his turn entering the two kilometre long cave.  A strange feeling descended on us, like watching a child ride a bicycle unassisted for the first time.  He was on his own.  

We were on our own.  

But we met again in the evening,  and caught up with Ian and Lynda as well for the mother of all farewells.

Bluey and Davo, it’s been a blast, we’ll see you again soon!

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