Legends from our own lunchtimes

Friday, August 08, 2014

Cloudy with some blue patches.

Jenny and Colin were to leave today just after lunch, but the morning’s communication advised that their car would pick them up at midday, an hour earlier than planned, changing the atmosphere inside the boat from a bright blue to some sort of light grey melancholy, not terribly unlike the sky outside.

We were hoping they could stay a little longer really, just a few more hours perhaps.  Hoping the car would be late.   It’s silly really, wanting to eke out a few more minutes of a visit that’s lasted several days, but we were.

But we are also fickle friends.

Ian brought news of his adventures last night in a nearby restaurant, recommended in the Michelin Guide, with prices affordable for mere mortals.  Minutes later Dave and Ria discovered that it had a lunch-time discount on weekdays and suggested that we might like to join them.  

Suddenly we were hoping the car would arrive early, or at least on time, so that we could hustle our soon to be dearly missed friends away and move on to something more exciting, but when it did arrive we wished it hadn’t and the sweet sorrowful mist of parting descended once again.

It was nothing a great lunch couldn’t fix though.


Rhonda and Ken said...

Silvery is where we met Iris and Graham for the first time. So many happy memories and yes we went to the restaurant you spoke about too ..... Wonderful. Ex owners of "Somewhere". Rhonda and Ken

bitingmidge said...

Hi Rhonda and Ken, it's great to hear from you! We saw "Somewhere" last year in St Jean, and the new owners have a little dog that could be a clone of Harry!

Good times!

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