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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A housewife’s work

We’ve both suddenly got the urge to move on.   “Suddenly” I suppose is a relevant term, since we’ve been away from Aus for almost four weeks, and the term “urge” is a bit of an overstatement too, but don’t be surprised if tomorrow, or perhaps the day after we write from another village.

We returned the car today, and with it went our tie with the shore.  Then we looked around a discovered that we hadn’t actually properly unpacked, so while one of us snoozed the afternoon heat away, the other busied herself packing, tidying and perhaps just doing the one last load of washing or seven to get things ship-shape for our forthcoming voyage to who knows where.  Thankfully our list of things to make and repair remains safely stored when we left the boat last year in a place we were sure we would remember, but don’t.  Therefore there are no repairs required before we leave!

All that was left was a farewell dinner, so we coerced Maggie and Jacques aboard, to cement our decision.  The trouble with farewell dinners is that they are quite fun.  I think I feel the urge to stay just one more night coming on.

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