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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Through the lock we go.

We had promised Ariel and Michael we’d show them the ropes before we left, but by the time we’d done that and taken them up a lock we were ready for lunch so we thought we’d best go down again and sort out that little problem before going further.  Then it was after lunch time and the inclination we had felt in the morning to get underway had faded somewhat.

The little remaining inclination dissolved entirely when Maggie suggested we join them just one more time tonight and the prospect of another evening spent under fairy lights and grape vines seemed like an entirely perfect reason for not leaving. 

We figure we’ve been through a couple of lcoks today, so we must be cruising.   Sure we’ve been to Lagarde before, but we’ve been lots of places before.   One more (slightly blurry) night can’t hurt.

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Jack said...

You have altogether too much fun, Midge.

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