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Sunday, July 03, 2016

On becoming a Time Lord
Ay to Void.

There is a little by the wall covered in clocks in the little tourist shop in Void which  products of the region.   Each clock displays the current time in one of the major centres in the region.   Dozens of them hang, ticking away and since all the towns and villages are in the same time zone, all of them display the same time more or less .

As we sat over our late afternoon coffee it occurred to us that the small variation probably accounted for what happens in life: a few minutes late here, a few minutes early there, in the context of a year or a lifetime a few minutes really don’t matter.   In our case we are presently racing through July, and we haven't started our cruise.  Days are really only much bigger versions of seconds aren’t they?   Another day out of our calendar won’t be missed. No need to rush.  Yes please we will have another coffee after all since you've been kind enough to stay open for us on a Sunday.

Which is why, instead of heading straight for home post-haste on leaving Ay this morning, we set out to track down Grahame and Aileen at the end of thier long day’s cruise, so that we could spend yet another long and lovely night with friends catching up on last year’s news.  In our lifetime clock, we’re probably only running a few seconds behind.

Tomorrow, who knows, we may well break out the soap.

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