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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Furniture Heaven.

Jørn thought we should start with a visit to a furniture store which was laden to the gills and beyond with examples of possibly every classic Danish furniture piece that has ever existed.  What a splendid thought that was, although sadly the price of each item was almost enough to buy a small African country which meant that no matter how strong our desire for any given item, and our desire was at times intense, the credit card stayed safely in the pocket. We did spend several deliriously happy hours wandering and sitting and in the absence of signs warning not to touch, gently fondling the stock, although some may have unkindly described it as pawing, too entranced to take even a photograph.

Just as we thought we could take no more, we were guided gently up the street just a little further to the museum, which celebrated the life of perhaps the best known Danish furniture designer, Hans Wegner, over many levels of a spiral gallery built inside the old town water tower.   I know, that the technically minded would be quick to point out that a spiral gallery only has one level, so to make things abundantly clear, “over many levels connected by a helical stair”.    Minds abuzz with drawings and prototypes and compound curves and marvels in workmanship, we barely noticed the view over the wetlands and the western coast.

On any other day we may have marvelled at the alluvial planes on the edge of the ancient glacier, or at the deepest harbour in Europe, been entranced by the “black sun” so called because of the numbers of migratory birds flying through this World Heritage listed area, but this wasn’t any other day.  

This was the day we’d spent in furniture heaven.


Mayhem2 said...

Just show us more please!
Absolutely fabulous... and we find this in which town, in Denmark.

bitingmidge said...

Sadly I really did get a bit too wrapped up in the touchy feelies to photograph much at all, but when next in Tønder in Denmark, you must stop by!

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